United States Space Force – Wikipedia

The United States Space Force (USSF) is a proposed branch of the United States Armed Forces, which is intended to have control over military operations in outer space

What Is a Space Force, and How Would It Work?

In a speech at the Pentagon on Thursday, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced more details for a Space Force: a proposed sixth branch of the U.S. military that would focus on all matters off

"Space Force": Steve Carell reunites with "The Office

2 days ago · Steve Carell and "The Office" creator Greg Daniels are teaming up for a new Netflix series based on President Trump’s idea for a sixth branch of the military, dubbed "Space Force." When Mr. Trump

United States Space Force |

On June 18, 2018, President Donald Trump directed the Pentagon to begin planning for Space Force: a 6th independent military service branch to undertake missions and operations in the rapidly

Space Force: Trump directs Pentagon to create Space Force

Jun 18, 2018 · Trump announces plan for new "space force" President Trump officially directed the Pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the U.S. military in space on Monday. Speaking at a National Space

How Trump’s Space Force Would Help Protect Earth from

The Space Force, which would have to be approved Congress, would oversee U.S. military operations in space, much of which is currently managed by the Air Force. But while it’s likely that a Space

Space Force? Coming to a TV near you. –

2 days ago · But “Space Force,” the newly announced TV show parodying the creation of the titular service? That’s as real as the moon landing. Variety reports that Netflix has ordered a season of the

Here’s What Trump’s Space Force Will Actually Do

NASA’s administrator is a strong defender of President Donald Trump’s proposals for space — including an armed force and a permanent presence on the moon — and says he wants Americans to

Space Force (TV Series) – IMDb

A workplace comedy inspired by President Donald Trump’s idea to create a sixth branch of military: The Space Force.

Space force – Wikipedia

A Space force is a military branch that conducts space warfare. A space force may be a component of a state’s air force, which may function as an air and space force or as an aerospace force. As of 2018, one country has an independent space force.

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