Mary G. Ross – Agnes Scott College

Mary G. Ross, the first Native American female engineer, graduated from Northeastern State College (now Northeastern University), in 1928, with a degree in mathematics. Her alma mater was founded by her great-great grandfather, Chief John Ross, who led the …

Google Doodle Honors Native American Engineer Mary G. Ross

Watch video · Mary G. Ross died on April 29, 2008 at the age of 99. Thursday’s Doodle depicts Ross’ portrait over a blueprint of the Agena rocket with the Earth and stars in the background.

Mary G. Ross’ 110th Birthday –

Aug 09, 2018 · Jeff Ross, nephew of Mary G. Ross, shares his thoughts on his aunt’s legacy: The Ross family is excited that Google has chosen Mary G. Ross for a …

Who Was Mary G. Ross? Facts and Quotes About the First

Ross was born in Park Hill, Oklahoma, on August 9, 1908, and died nearly 100 years later on April 29, 2008, in Los Altos, California. She was the great-granddaughter of John Ross, the longest

Who is Mary G. Ross, the Native American who helped with

Aug 09, 2018 · Google is celebrating the birth of Mary G. Ross, the first Native American female engineer who helped propel the world into an era of space travel while earning a …

Video: Mary G. Ross – First American Indian Woman Engineer

This article was originally published in the SWE Magazine, Spring 2018 Edition.. The first American Indian woman engineer, Mary G. Ross, P.E., F.SWE, was noted for her contributions to the aerospace industry and as a role model and mentor for American Indians.

Mary G. Ross Facts – YourDictionary

Mary G. Ross was part of the original engineering team at Lockheed’s Missile Systems Division, where she worked on a number of defense systems, and contributed to space exploration efforts with her work relating to the Apollo program, the Polaris reentry vehicle, and interplanetary space probes.

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